About Us

About Us​

The decisions we make have a profound impact, both directly and indirectly, on the lives of many thousands of people.


ALFA Petroleum’s culture is founded on a service ethos. Individually, our people are expected to conduct themselves with a high degree of personal integrity. As a Group, we strive to meet and to develop international best practices. Our focus is on bringing commodities to market safely and responsibly. As well as making a continued, constructive contribution to advancing trade responsibly, we seek to prevent and mitigate any adverse effects of our operations. Maintaining high standards across the Group is a prerequisite. We manage a complex array of operational and financial risks. Integrated systems and processes allow us to apply consistent standards. We have learnt to operate effectively in a wide range of political and cultural environments.

Our Mission

We endeavor for excellence and continuous
improvement in our operations and services.
Corporate social responsibility will always remain at
the forefront of what we do, underscoring our genuine
commitment to the wellbeing and prosperity of the
community in which we operate.

To be the preferred trading and supplier partner for
Petroleum products and services in the Arabian Gulf
region as well as Globally.

About Alfa Petroleum


ALFA PETROLEUM is led by a veteran team of professionals with a proven track record in the Oil & Gas commodity industry and selected other commodities.

ALFA PETROLEUM is a company founded in 2020, emerged in response to the global energy challenges, delivering crude and refined products to various markets around the globe, with state-of-the-art logistical capabilities. We engage in long-term supply or offtake agreements with various counterparts in the industry to fulfil our trading milestones. We understand that commodity prices can be extremely volatile, therefore having deep connections throughout the world with our dedicated international team is essential. 



We work with the company’s long term to build strong relationships, such as the largest commodity banks in the world that have supported our growth since inception.

We work primarily with refineries owned by national oil companies, oil majors, independent oil refineries, airline companies, power generation plants, shipping companies and other business end users. We focus on all members of the supply chain from the refineries to the end users, such as using best in class logistics whether it’s a Tank storage, Vessel, Barge to move oil efficiently and effectively.